An Ecuadorian in Vancouver (comic)


Green College: A graduate residential college at UBC that looks pretty much like the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Acting weird”: Latino people are friendly and touchy, extremely interdependent and sociable. Vancouverites will seem “weird” to them because they use kindness to approach people but also to keep some distance. Read more about differences between the white definition of normal friend and a mexican friend.

Brown discount: “Brown” is a word used by certain people from South Asia to refer to their peers. It would certainly be offensive for other person to use that term. In this context, however, is just a friendly way to indicate a good service from a fellow human being.

Papi: What Hercend calls me. He is a fan of the song Papi Chulo.

Hercend: The biggest flirt in town. He is from Congo.

PS: If you are wondering who is between Anupama and Rohini, read THE FEELING