Ecuadorian National Elections Are Being Hacked Too
Andrés Delgado-Ron


On Jan. 23, several users (myself included) were contacted by the hackers via twitter with a file allegedly containing an e-mail file from VP candidate Andrés Páez. On the same day, National Congresswoman Lourdes Tibán twitter account was hacked. New accounts are created to impersonate known journalists and political activists.

Jan. 24, News website is taken down (probably as a result of a DDoS attack) after publishing information which links former SENAIN head Pablo Quezada with Odebretch contacts.

Jan. 25, News website Ecuador En Vivo is hacked. They publish fake information about VP candidate Andrés Páez. Ecuador En Vivo announced the hack on twitter and said they were not responsible for anything published on the site. They later decided to take down the site themselves while fixing the issue.

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