The Value Of Mindfulness for Web Programmers

Definitions and descriptions are the butter on the bread for any thinker.

I recently bore witness to the following description of mindfulness from a recent episode of the Tim Ferris Show called the Magic of Mindfulness :

Mindfulness is a present-state awareness that helps you to be non-reactive.

I think this description treats the perceptual paradox presented by mindfulness with a wonderful granular lucidity. It can appear that one who practices mindfulness is detached from the present scenario and the elements of that scenario, the people, the objects, etc.

However that person is simply plugged into the scenario and directly utilizing their reasoning and optimizing their patience and aptitude for understanding.

This practice of mindfulness has an imperative role in web programming.

The sheer scope of a programming project can be overwhelming on its own. On the web, we have the supplemental complications created by compatibility concerns of multiple user agents, CSS rendering engines and operating systems. Often we need to scan multiple domains of related technologies. This is expounded and in some ways simplified with the systems we come up with such as MVC and OOP, or simply separation of concerns between content, (HTML), styling (CSS), and interactivity (Javascript/PHP/Ruby).

One beneficial aspect of mindfulness is the zeroing out of negative outlook impact.
This is what happens when we become impatient and frustrated with a problem. That frustration can seep into our intellectual interface with the issue and cloud our ability to seek across domains, the answer for any specific problem. The impact of such negativity can reach and also be sourced from a point away from the actual programming practice. Often programmers work in teams with designers, managers, stakeholders, etc.

When the frustration of a complicated problem, 
a.) with the workflow,
b.) within the implementation of the digital product,
 boils over into the collaboration sphere, the team loses focuses and begins to spiral into a toxic state. If all collaborators practice mindfulness, it makes it easier for them to decouple their feelings from the problem, promotes empathy and understanding and thus boosts collaborative problem solving capabilities.

Mindfulness is a relatively simple choice that requires a persistent perpetuity — when that choice is made, the benefits reaped are exponential. Mindfulness enables an innate positivity through its embrace of possibility and equipping of the practitioner with all of their wits and reason. It is a valuable life tool and certainly very useful in the related subset of web programming.

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