Minecraft on the Blockchain: A Look Into the World of Cryptovoxels

Andrew Steinwold
Jun 11 · 8 min read
A map of Cryptovoxel’s Origin City.

Cryptovoxels may look like just another Minecraft style game, but it is much more. Crytpovoxels is a game, creative space, social platform and e-commerce platform that is built using the Ethereum blockchain. Their website further explains,

“Cryptovoxels is a user-owned virtual world that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can buy land and build virtual stores, art galleries, music studios or anything else you can imagine. The editing tools are built into the world, and multi-user voice chat lets you spend time with friends exploring the city.”

Cryptovoxels allows users to truly own their digital items and assets through harnessing the power of a blockchain.


There is also work being done to enable mini-games in Cryptovoxels. Mini-games could range from battle royal shooters to racing and sports games. There is no limit to the types of games that can be created in this open environment.

In-world menu
In-world build menu to select various block materials
A parcel that shares information about Cryptovoxels

A Creative Space

Cryptovoxels seems to be mimicking the real world as it has a noticeably high population of artists. Painters, graphic designers, 3D modeling experts, digital artists, and creators of all types call this virtual world home. Their creations range from mundane to amazing, but when users add features like URL web links, image links, audio clips and NFTs links (non-fungible tokens), the structures become much more immersive and engaging.

The “Frankfurt” neighborhood in Cryptovoxels is home to many creative builds
A Cryptokitties gallery — Created by a user named Devil.
A build by Vienna Crypto Crew.
A build showcasing JOY Art — https://twitter.com/JohnOrionYoung.
A build by a user named Josie — https://twitter.com/josiebellini.

A Social Platform

Users breaking it down on the dance floor.
Users taking an on-stage group photo.
Heat maps of in-world user activity. In the future, this could be used to value virtual property.

Is Cryptovoxels a New Social Media Platform?

NFT-Commerce Platform

The “Cryptpunks” shop sells NFTs https://www.larvalabs.com/cryptopunks.
A Cryptokitty for sale in Cryptovoxels
Clicking the item’s buy button opens more information such as contract, price, and Token ID.
This is just a build of someone who likes Elon Musk and his companies but in the future, we could have companies like SpaceX or Tesla selling and advertising branded items in virtual worlds.

True Ownership

With true ownership, people will be able to work full-time in virtual worlds, earning assets with little fear of losing those assets if there were a shutdown. True ownership brings us one step closer to people working and living in virtual worlds.

Other Virtual Worlds Using Blockchain

Investment Opportunity?

Owning parcels of land can be compared to owning Binance’s native BNB token when it was first released in 2017. Binance was a small cryptocurrency exchange that did not raise any venture capital but was able to bootstrap itself into the behemoth it is today. The only available method to invest in Binance was through investing directly into the BNB token, which gives users discounts on trading fees. Binance has regularly destroyed a specific amount of BNB tokens to decrease the supply and increase value. Since inception, the BNB token has returned roughly 30,000%.

Binance continues to add more functionality to its token which has helped to further increase its value. Cryptovoxels could replicate this pattern and add additional functionality to its land parcel tokens. Allowing token holders to rent out properties or creating additional token holders benefits could increase the value of land parcel tokens. However, since Cryptovoxels is a platform that depends on users to contribute to its success it will not happen as easily as Binance’s BNB token. This is why the term “activist” investor is so important. For a Cryptovoxels investment to achieve a Binance-level of success, it will have to attract thousands of players who are activist in nature and are willing to become valued members of the community.

The Road Ahead

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