Dealing with the Pressure of Entrepreneurship (with some F**K ITs)

An honest look at what we do, and what is causing the pressure.

Hey guys,

First post here on Medium. To be honest, we put off jumping on board the Medium train, because we didn’t know what to use it for.

But what we’ve decided is to just treat it as therapy, and write what we are feeling in the moment during our business journey… some of you may find it interesting, some of you may not, but at least it is off our chests!

So what’s first on the agenda… Dealing with the Pressure of Entrepreneurship.

This is something we have never ever talked about before publicly, because to be honest we’ve never felt confident or comfortable sharing it.

We spent a lot of our early years in business putting on this persona of everything is amazing, fine and dandy. We would go to networking events with massive smiles on our faces and nothing in our bank account. People would ask us for meetings and we would check our diary knowing fine well it was pretty much empty.

Did it work? YES! People are attracted to people who are happy, confident and successful, and it’s not like we were miserable pretending to be happy, we were at the start of something super exciting. We were green and had no money but we were loving it.

We’re 5+ years in now, and although we are making money (yey!), the pressure almost certainly increases, and with it the doubts come:

  • Should we be making more money by now?
  • Should we have more followers on Twitter?
  • We need more people on our email list stat!
  • We need to be better at speaking
  • Do we know as much as we need to?
  • What if nobody shows up to this event we are doing?

We’re feeling 2 kind of main pressures on us at the moment…

One. We’re in a world where there’s constant comparison especially online and we are so guilty at falling into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, always wanting more, not looking back on what we’ve achieved (too busy looking forward at what we are yet to achieve).

Two. We’ve also seen a little bit of a backlash. The more we’ve pushed ourselves to achieve all we want, the more we’ve seen people who have previously been nice to us, turn on us - making snide comments, putting down our accomplishments, and saying things behind our backs.

What would be sensible to do at this point would be to ignore them, we know that. Write it off as jealously or just a compliment that we are being a bit more divisive now (we’ve always said to have a good brand you have to have your lovers and haters). But it’s harder said than done; humans have this desire to be liked it seems!

So, what are we doing to overcome these 2 main pressures we are feeling?

  1. Start a Medium blog and spill your guts.
  2. Live life with a few more “F**K ITs.”

What do we mean by that? We’re not ones for swearing in business to be honest, but this is literally what we say to each other, and we’ve found it helps. We call it a F**K IT moment. If something doesn’t go to plan, if someone is a dick to us, if we’re feeling the pressure, if we feel like we haven’t achieved something, we turn to each other and say “You know what Andrew…” or “You know what Pete…”, … “F**K IT”. We even say it to ourselves in situations.

Get over it, pick yourself up, move on. It’s not foolproof and it doesn’t work every time, but there’s something therapeutic about giving a big FU to whatever is bothering you and moving on with your day. Try it.

So there we go. Medium Blog 1 is done. This morning we clearly wanted to get something off our chest.

Cheers for reading,

Andrew and Pete