Gunboats to Gibraltar: Have London and Madrid walked into a trap?
European Geostrategy

Mainly “Remain newspaper exaggerating for political effect”…Really? You must have missed the Telegraph, Sun & Mail all carrying absurdly jingoistic pieces.

I think you might want to check out your assumption on in Eastern Europe, after 7 years of being called “benefit fraudsters” & threatened with being treated as second class Europeans.

Nice try. But only one country lies behind this utter nonsense. That is the UK. By voting Brexit & triggering Article 50, it left its flank open on Gibraltar, despite many warnings from Hague and Hammond, the last two proper Foreign Sectetaries that we had.

Theresa May threatening to withdraw security cooperation in her Article 50 was an invitation to a punch up.

Nothing makes clearer our isolation when we start jingoistic blustering with close allies.

All Under the gaze of the smirking Mr Putin.

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