A Toronto Designer Consignment Clothing Store…

Extoggery is a high end consignment clothing store located in uptown Toronto that provides a great selection of clothing and helpful customer service for over 14 years. Extoggery carries a wide variety of women’s clothing but what some people don’t know is that the selection of men’s clothing its surprisingly good and is a great clothing store to shop at no matter what you are looking for.

A clothing store in Toronto.

The selection of items in stock is always changing because of people in the local community bringing their unwanted designer clothing in for consignment. This is a great way to provide support for neighbors and the local economy in a ‘Green’ way. Whether you are looking for an outfit or just a few items of clothing, Extoggery will have something for everyone from dress shirts to shoes to leather accessories.

What Extoggery does to set themselves apart is have clothing experts in their store that know the latest fashion trends and have a fabulous sense of style. They can pick out the perfect item to match any outfit and benefit from knowing exactly what is in the store. This is because every item in Extoggery is hand selected by their staff members to provide only the best designer clothing to choose from.

Leather accessories and other designer clothing at Extoggery.

Extoggery is a unique clothing store because it not only has a great selection of women’s clothing to choose from but they also provide an array of men’s clothing as well without compromising display room for either. Many other designer clothing stores neglect to do this and instead focus their attention to one of these markets. This type of selection set up is more inviting for many people and can lead to increased sales as more customers will come in and get ideas from looking around.

Extoggery: designer clothing store.

Great clothing in Toronto can be difficult to find, especially at a price that people are comfortable spending. Extoggery displays its designer clothing at a fair price that will not scare away customers as other clothing stores do. With clothes for all purposes including accessories, jewellery, shoes, and more it is a great place to shop for high end clothing in Toronto for women’s and men’s clothing.

Don’t forget that you can bring in your old clothes for consignment to clear out your closest while knowing that your clothing will continue to be used by others.

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