TRUMP: “When You’re A Star, They Let You Do It. You Can Do Anything.”

They don’t let you do anything. They believe they can’t stop you in the moment and they fear the consequences if they tell after. Or the lack of consequences, which violates them twice. Or the blaming, then the shaming, which violates them a third time.

That friend of her brother’s who patted her bottom a little too long when she was 12. The man who pressed against her on the subway so hard she could feel his crotch. The guy at the office who’s always touching her upper arms and shoulders. The boss’s top salesman who flat out says he wants to fuck her. The client who insists she go out with him so he can stare at her all night. The dude in the club who tongue-kisses her and says hey, lighten up.

She could stay stop but a lot of times he’s already done it. He’s already gotten away with it. Anything she does now is a provocation for more. And worse.

She could tell someone — a parent, a superior, a cop. But girls and women learn fast that telling doesn’t help. What are we going to do, go looking for the guy? What are we going to do, fire the guy? What are we going to do, arrest the guy? Hey, lighten up.

That’s nothing compared to boys in high school. That’s nothing compared to boys in college. That’s nothing compared to men at work. That’s nothing compared to C-level execs. That’s nothing.

Conservatives and Republican lawmakers have tolerated Trump for more than a year and they’ve elevated him as the leader of their party.

Women are fat. Mexicans are rapists. Refugees are terrorists. Member nations of NATO are deadbeats. The President of the United States is a death-to-America Muslim born in Kenya without a birth certificate. Republicans have let Trump slide. Trump ridicules Hillary for her “woman card” when the GOP has given him a Black AMEX Asshole Card.

Now many Republican legislators are withdrawing their support, which Trump doesn’t need. The RNC and donors are withdrawing their money, which Trump doesn’t need, either.

What Trump needs is votes.

Above, 82,000 people have clicked the heart icon on Trump’s thwarting responsibility for his words about his actions. Some of those are fake accounts and bots, sure — but tens of thousands of people (women, too) are not holding their noses about Trump’s knee-slapping sexual assault and quietly voting against Hillary. They literally Like this behavior.

Over 33,000 have retweeted Trump — the very next day — in front of family and friends and coworkers — to show they’re cool with it, too. They’re sharing their enthusiasm for grabbin’ that pesky ol’ pussy. They’ve given Trump the thumbs-up and they want everybody to know it.

When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Andrew Bryan Smith received an honorary degree in theoretical math from a fictional university. Currently he’s writing a sequel to the remake of an adaptation of a movie that was never made from a TV series that never aired. He hopes to turn the project into a trilogy, releasing the sequel first, a prequel second, and finally a spin-off of unrelated characters inspired by the original work. Andy lives in Los Angeles, or so it seems.

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