Why Trump Is Skynet

Trump is a next-gen update from conservative media. In 2000, it was mostly Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Now there are sites, blogs, viral memes, feverish social media, sponsored vitriol up and down the bands of local and satellite radio. The country’s not getting stupider. It’s getting angrier. Conservative media don’t inform — they incite. The only thing they know about facts is they’re bad for business. Now many conservatives aren’t happy unless they’re miserable about one Democrat or another. “Fake news” is a multi-million-dollar industry built on two solid principles: Trump voters are 1) too irreversibly pissed to consider any justification for their outrage and 2) easily manipulated. Thus winning Republicans applaud the free market.
 Conservative media is a Perpetual Aggravation Machine. Trump isn’t a bug, but he’s not a feature, either. He’s AI. He’s turned on his creators in the Republican leadership and he’s threatened to crash the whole system. If he reaches the motherboard of American government, not even a hard reboot will restore what will have been lost.

Andrew Bryan Smith received an honorary degree in theoretical math from a fictional university. Currently he’s writing a sequel to the remake of an adaptation of a movie that was never made from a TV series that never aired. He hopes to turn the project into a trilogy, releasing the sequel first, a prequel second, and finally a spin-off of unrelated characters inspired by the original work. Andy lives in Los Angeles, or so it seems.

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