Andrew Camel

Founder @ Dromo Labs, Student at WUSTL

Why building an API without a framework is usually a bad idea

In other words, how we learned another hard lesson about correctly walking the line between development speed and…

A marketing experiment we’re trying at Fratapus

Merging the traditional marketing strategies of enterprise software with those of the modern consumer products targeted to a young…

Why we’re building Fratapus

From the perspective of an investor, fraternity software wouldn’t necessarily be considered one of the best spaces to build a business. After all, it’s a small market made up of some relatively price sensitive customers. Ultimately, we know we’re not going to be retiring on this business, but we are still excited to be building Fratapus (for two major reasons).

Managing a startup team in college

As I think most founders would agree, team management quickly becomes a very significant portion of any given day and while I wish it weren’t the case, this issue is about 5x more problematic in college. Between the constant social engagements, commitments to clubs, overbearing parents demanding perfect grades, and overall immaturity of the culture…