Bark — No One to Someone

We are living in a world of social networking where even people on the opposite side of world can connect, this makes the world feel small and accessible. However, we sometimes feel social burdens by managing all the connections we make via social spaces.

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Of course there are many location based apps, but these focus on dating. If you don’t have dating needs there is nothing to help you build instant connections with people nearby. Yet, there are many times in our daily lives when we want to instantly share our thoughts and that’s where Bark app comes in.

Bark takes inspiration from dogs and aims to bring back the easy to access friendships of the past, so we can connect instantly and chat casually with people nearby.

Bark transforms people nearby into fun barking dogs.

Every user chooses one of the eight different dog breeds and chats with other barkers by communicating like dogs. Dogs don’t need any complicated form of language, they simply bark and understand each other. Through this app you can become a dog. You can communicate with other users within a 1 mile radius by barking at them via the bark button, or you can send short and unique bark messages. Barkers can also drop a photo post at their location, like when a dog leaves a poo for others to sniff, and even take over territories by changing the name of their location.

All users choose their own dog character from 8 different dog breeds and receive their dog number, which means that they do not have any human identity such as name, gender, or age.
Dogs simply bark at each other and deliver their intentions effectively, making this the single most efficient way to communicate.
Bark is trying to build small worlds where people can interact without communication barriers, by imitating the way dogs communicate.

Bark app is a highly addictive social network service. The monthly average sessions per active user are three times higher than Instagram, and even higher than Snapchat, the world’s hottest social app (Bark — 143 times, Snapchat — 119 times, Instagram — 50 times, Verto Analytics data, Oct 2016).

Bark app’s average session per user is three times higher than Instagram.
Bark app’s overall retention rate is higher than other social apps.

Bark app’s mission is to build small worlds (an another layer of communication channel on the top of the real world communication) where people can interact with other people nearby. You can watch all users’ bark in real-time at Bark’s website.

You can watch all users’ bark in real-time.

Join the new era of human communication and turn no-one into someone to you — bark!

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