A Shocking Change *Is* Happening
M.G. Siegler

Disruptive Innovation & Cable

First, I’m new to medium, so if there’s a better forum for a response. Throw it at me.

Nice post. This is disruptive innovation in the works. It usually starts slow and then when a player falls, it seems like it happened so quickly i.e. Blockbuster, Borders, etc. The signals were there just like they are now for cable. If DirecTV, TWC, etc don’t adapt, they could be in for a similar tumble or at the very least a bumpy ride. With Dish’s SlingTV they’re taking a proactive approach. Roping in ESPN is a huge step forward.

There’s a lot happening in the space right now:

  • AppleTV — specifically their pending fall tv service w/25 channels
  • SlingTV
  • FanTV + hulu, netflix, amazon, and others
  • Direct (Comedy central, ABC, etc)

It will be exciting to see how it shakes out.