Scratching your own itch.

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My wife asks me at least once a day to scratch her head. And this guy, trying to be a good husband, obliges her.

The only problem is this is the hardest thing in the entire world to do right.

This is how it usually goes down.

“Hey can you scratch my head?”

“Sure. ”

I reach over and start scratching away.

“Up a little”

Which way is up? towards the top of her cranium, or directly away from the center of the earth?

“No, too far”

I overcorrect.

“So close. This way a little” she says as she points one way.

I move that way and she points another way, then another.

“You were right there but you lost it”

This goes on for a while until she just reaches up on her own and scratches her head, lets out a sigh of relief and goes about whatever it was she was doing.

It is possible to build a product that solves another person’s pain. You just have to be a wizard or extremely lucky. What is way more possible and significantly more straightforward is building something that solves your own problem. Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, GoPro, Apple, and Dropbox all got started by the founders scratching their own itch.

Don’t play the guessing game. Scratch your own itch.


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