Sharing Beauty.

Humans have remarkably short lives. What do we get, like maybe 60 years or so of adulthood before we’re done. Sadly, we spend a lot of that time thinking and worrying about artificial, and unfulfilling things.

Its not entirely our fault. We have to eat food and drink water and find shelter. So we have had to think about how to hunt animals or how to cultivate crops and stuff like that for the last couple thousand years. Things we really wouldn’t think about if we didn’t have to in order to survive. For the most part this has stayed the same all of that time, only now we think more about sales or small motor repair than killing buffalo or cutting wood to burn for the winter.

Soon, all of that is going to change, and it is going to be hard for us humans to deal with it. Before we know it every menial, tedious and soulless job that humans are currently doing will be outsourced to robots. Humans will not really have to “work” to survive or even enjoy a decent standard of living anymore . What will we do with all of that time? What will we do once we cant distract ourselves with our “work?”

My hopeful vision of the future.

I think that point in the history of humanity has the potential to be absolutely amazing! Instead of focusing our time thinking and caring about necessary evils, we will be able to think and care about wonderful realities! We will be able to spend our time enjoying and sharing art, nature, and human experiences. People will be able to spend their lives on things that truly excite and inspire them instead of chasing after the almighty dollar. We will have more artists, dancers, and storytellers and no more dishwashers, ditch diggers, or accountants. In this future, we could all have a richer, and more beautiful experience during our 60-ish years of adulthood.

The big obstacle.

This transition is not going to be easy for us. Im sure there will be some crazy social reordering stuff that could be kinda crazy. It will be a hard thing for most of us to come to terms with. In our world today we don’t really place a lot of value on the many of the only things that can/will be important in the future. For example, most parents will do just about anything they can to change the mind of their child when they say, “I want to be an artist when I grow up.” We are all going to have to unlearn our bias against human expression as a main life activity and really learn how to appreciate and create beauty. If not, we will have no idea what to do with ourselves.

How I am overcoming it for myself.

A while back I noticed that I lived in a beautiful place and I had done absolutely nothing to truly appreciate it. I would go to work, put in my time and then come home and go to sleep without once stoping to bask in awe of the beauty of the world around me. I got so mad at myself over this that I started my own little challenge. For 30 days I decided to take time to notice, capture and share something beautiful from my world with others.

Every day I would take a picture of a sunset a tree or a person that evoked a sense of wonder or amazement in myself and would post that picture on Instagram with the hashtag #30daysofseeingthebeautiful.

Day 1 of the challenge

I wasn’t very good at first and a lot of my pictures looked horrible but that wasn’t the point really. I learned way more than just how to take good pictures with my phone during this whole process. I really learned how to notice and more fully appreciate the beauty in my world. I found myself becoming more and more grateful for the small, wonderful things in my life. Along with improving my phone photography skills I improved my happiness which is really what its all about.

Day 30 of the challenge in Hawaii.

My friends and family noticed and really enjoyed what I was doing. When I was with them, they would compliment a picture and thank me for sharing with them. They looked forward to seeing what new glimpses of the beauty that I found in the world would show up next in their Instagram feed. I felt good about bringing some beauty and value to people’s lives.

Doing this has changed my life. I don’t believe we have to wait for a future free of all tedious work to take a moment to look up and learn appreciate what really matters. I didn't, and it has been one of the most rewarding 30 days of my life.

I started another Instagram account called @legitphonepics which has become a community of regular people like me sharing beauty in the world around them. If that is something you’re into I highly recommend you go check it out.