Since I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of everything I wanted to start sharing some things with everyone.

First, I cannot send enough thanks to everyone who has helped so much in the last year! No way things would be going this well without you all, especially Becky, my god. Several others of you went beyond the call of friendly duty but I am not going to call you all out here. Just know that I am in your debt, and I damned well know it.

Now onto the fun stuff!

Go Team Fuck Cancer!

Team “Fuck Cancer” earned an award at the LLS Big Climb. They awarded us the “Why We Climb” award and gave us the above trophy. We averaged over $1000 fundraised per person and had several hit VIP with over $2500 raised! So much fun! Go Team FUCK CANCER!

The speech read for me and Team Fuck Cancer at the LLS award ceremony.


On the one year anniversary of my first symptom (June 3rd) I am doing a strongman contest in Bremerton. I’d love it if some of you came to cheer us all on. It has been a while but I still plan to win ;) I linked the location to this post and would love to have some of you there. It won’t be the biggest event, but it will probably be in a parking lot so you can tailgate. I’ll even bring the truck for you haha!

You can join us here at Dungeon Fitness in Bremerton, Saturday June 3rd around 10am!


I did a sports podcast the other day and it just released. If you’d like to listen to me talk about Strongman, Chemo, and life in general with a buddy here it is! iTunes or Soundcloud


I have been back to work since January 2nd and Distiller has launched on Android successfully following up last summer’s iOS release. iOS or Android. Getting android released was one of my big goals for the year. Check!

I am hairy again. Everywhere. As in, as hairy as I used to be. Though now it’s a little bit less curly. I have to trim my beard weekly or it starts going crazy just like the old days.

I have now hit all of my strength goals for March 31st. A little late but I am beating them all. I just benched 315x12. Time to set some new goals. I want to be hitting lifetime goals in all three powerlifts by the time I have been out of chemo for a year.

I am planning to submit a panel to the South By Southwest (SXSW) Panel Picker. I got recruited a bit by the medical liaison while there. My plan is to talk about all the mad scientist data stuff I did last September when deciding not to do the transplant. P.S. The blood cancer world is actively debating whether PH positive ALL patients should default to a transplant or not so at least a few people agree with my choice.

My friend/college roommate/long term adventure buddy/ professional illustrator Michael Buchino has started helping me design a tattoo out of the saying I mumble to myself a lot these days. Here is an early preview. I love the happy skull! No stealing please.


I Love you all!

Don’t forget, there are no bad days, only good days and wasted time. Death is coming. Don’t waste what you have.