Training Log — Contest Day June 3rd 2017

Saturday was contest day. I took second overall to Josh Hatfield. I’ve trained with Josh off and on for years and it is great seeing the progress he has made. My buddy Pete (who taught me everything about strongman) is also coaching Josh so I am not surprised to see how strong he has gotten.


Event 1: I got 1st in the press. Cleaned and pressed a 280 lb. log 5 times. This isn’t exactly a crazy number but all things considered, I feel pretty great. Also, Andrew Palmer just won a press event. That doesn’t happen often but I plan to be saying it a lot 6 months from now.

Event 2: I didn’t do well here. I barely pulled the 605# and several people pulled 5. Josh won with 8 I believe. All of that said, this was actually a 40# post cancer PR so I was pleasantly surprised. By October I should be close to my usual 800. For now. I am happy!

*** Video coming once I find one

Event 3: Yoke. I did predictably well here. 10 seconds flat. What I didn’t expect was Josh to beat me by 2/10ths of a second! Great run Josh! I’ve slowed down a bit but still move with weight very well.

Event 4: Sandbag Carry. I traditionally do very well in carry events. I’ll be honest though. I was genuinely nervous about this one as it is a front carry and my chemo port is right there on the front of my chest. It went fine though. Went 150 feet with it before it slipped out of my hands. Josh won this one too.

Event 5: Stones. I’ve still got it. Loaded a 350# stone for 6 easy reps. So easily that I nearly lost. I thought I was a full rep ahead of Josh when the timer was running out so I stopped and was cheering him on. He ran out of time as I expected, but I hadn’t realized we were tied. I should have done the extra rep instead of getting cocky. That said, this event felt GOOD


Always Be Competing. I have to say, I’d never have thought I would be in this good of shape after only 5 months. I truly don’t think I would be if I hadn’t decided in January to pick some dates and start aiming at them. Competition has always been a great motivator for me. In the last month after signing up for this show I have gained strength faster than at any point in my life. I’ll be remembering that fact. This is the first time I have truly felt normal in the last year. I’m a little fatter, and a little weaker physically, but the ambition is back in force.

Back To Work

October will be here soon and that is where my real goal waits. I’m going to compete at ASM, and while I’m not delusional enough to think I will win this year, I also have no intention of embarrassing myself. I’ll be training for the 5k as well. Josh beat me, just like I told people he was going to, and he earned it. I don’t foresee it happening again anytime soon though ;)