Training Log - Week of June 17th

Not a whole lot to tell here. I did my usual workout routine but added in a day of running to start my 5k training. I literally had an old man stop me to ask if I was ok. I was fine, just bright red!

Last Weeks Squat Day

  • Box Squats 495 9x3 then 1x10

Last Weeks Bench Day:

  • Bench 355x5 315x11 x10
  • Upright rows 155x12 155x12 155x12
  • Rear lateral raises 45x25 each arm
  • Side front lateral raises 45x25 each arm

Running: Seward park intervals

  • I finished 2.1 miles in around the same time I hope to finish 3.1 miles in September and I had to walk a lot! That’s fine I should improve rapidly here.