Training Log — Week of May 26th 2017

Strength is returning fast now. I think signing up for a competition was an excellent idea. I forgot how much it kicks me in gear mentally.

I’m just gonna do posts here and there with a few of my most recent workouts in them.

Last Weeks Squat Day

  • Box Squats (Parallell) 465 9x3 then 1x10
  • Deadlift singles up to 545

Last Weeks Bench Day:

  • Bench 315x12 x10 x10
  • Upright rows 155x3 165x3 175x3 185x3 195x3 205x3 215x3 155x15 155x12
  • Shrugs 320 x20 plus 30 second hold
  • Rear lateral raises 45x25 each arm
  • Side front lateral raises 45x25 each arm

Last Weeks Events Day:

  • Yoke 800 and a partial 900
  • Log Press 280x4 clean each rep

This Week’s Squat Day

  • Box Squats (Parallell) 485 9x3 then 1x9
  • Deadlift singles up to 585

This Weeks Bench Day:

  • Bench 325x10 x10
  • Upright rows 155x15 155x12