Balance as a Software Engineer
Jaymes Downer

Nice write up man. You’re definitely not alone. I feel family should always come before learning new technologies / staying current but we owe it to them to stay current and make sure we are hirable and growing in our field. I go through seasons where I spend a few hours learning at night or building something new. It usually only lasts for a month or two before the itch is scratched. The rest of the time I try to learn on the clock as it’s also added value to my employer.

I think another thing is just taking small steps and making small goals. We don’t have the time we did when we were single and we shouldn’t devote ALL of our time to coding, so hitting these smaller attainable goals can help us learn but still feel accomplished.

Anyways, just some thoughts! Maybe we can talk more about it during the podcast interview next week.

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