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Update 2— Dec 3, 2017

After a bit of exploration, it looks like babel-plugin-tailwind does indeed work with Vue! The problem stemmed from how Glamor injects styles. Emotion and CSX seem to work fine!

Obviously this isn’t the native <style></style> syntax that comes with Vue, but it’s an option if you want to pull in Tailwind in via CSS-in-JS.



Update — Dec 1, 2017

In my post, I mentioned babel-plugin-tailwind doesn’t work with Emotion or Styled Components yet. However, it looks like Emotion has the ability to use JavaScript objects and works fine with the plugin.

I’ve added an example of how to do this in the repo using react-emotion. …

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Update 2! — Nov 19, 2017

Good news! After some digging around, I found another library called PurgeCSS that is more flexible and frequently maintained than PurifyCSS. It allows for custom “Extractors” which lets us write some regex to work with Tailwind CSS classes. A shout to the author who made some quick fixes to make this work with Tailwind CSS style syntax.

Laravel Mix Example:

Webpack Example:

Update! — Nov 18, 2017

PurifyCSS has an issue where classes containing numbers appended to the end and special characters like : are not cleaned up / purified.

In my original post, I only used the handful of classes found in the Tailwind webpack-starter index.html file. There was a huge reduction in CSS size but once you utilize more classes in your HTML that figure quickly diminishes. …

I’m excited to announce that my Async / Await video series is nearing completion and will launch October 23! I’m very happy on how it’s turning out and I think there is something for everybody in there.

I’ve learned a ton about Promises while also advancing my understanding of recording great screencasts. I took the feedback from many of you and applied it to my latest series on Async / Await. My hope as always is that you’ll come away with something you can utilize immediately.

There are a few misconceptions about Async / Await in that some believe it replaces Promises altogether. Async / Await actually uses Promises under the hood and you should have a fundamental understanding of Promises before jumping into Async / Await head first. …


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