Smart people need silence

Andrew So
Andrew So
Mar 30, 2016 · 1 min read

Hiring checklist

  • Hire smart people
  • Give them hard problems to solve
  • Destroy their ability to think

It’s shocking how many companies sabotage their own offices by not prioritizing silence. Smart people need silence in order to concentrate and solve hard problems.

The most common complaint about the modern office is the pervading, overwhelming noise. Most people wear headphones to isolate themselves from the cacophony around them.

Employers aren’t the only ones at fault. Employees create these environments by disregarding others’ concentration.

Need to ask a coworker a question? Chat over Slack.
Discussing go-to-market strategy? Meet in a conference room.
Do not yell over a group of desks, disturbing half a dozen people who fought distractions all morning to finally slip into the zone.

Great people love doing great work. They like making their company successful. Don’t cripple them by forcing them to work in a noisy office.

If your office is too loud and it’s driving you crazy, smash the LIKE button. Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter for more grievances on organizational design.

Andrew So

Written by

Andrew So

'You the next Steve Jobs fam' - Editor-in-chief of Four Pins. Previously a writer at Startup Grind, Hardbound.

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