Helpless Love

My legs are weak my arms are raw, my heart has been hurting I can’t take it any more, my love was like overgrown tree big and strong but now I know being with you is wrong, I love was mutual for so long my love is shrinking and now it’s all gone, gone like the leaves of a Winter tree, but you don’t see that you are hurting me, you’re hurting is on unbearable can’t you see, your eyes are blind to see that you and me is not good for me, and to this day you believe that we were meant to be, but uncover your eyes and see what you have done to me, it is tangible and plan to see, your love is hate your hate has broken we down to my lowest hopeless helpless wilful miserable and vulnerable, our love was sweet sweet as sugar and now that sugar has a rotten and filled with hatred and spite, this imposter of love is not right so tonight i will fight to not have you in my life