I am a human being!!

today i had to tell someone why trans people and myself should be able to use our reassigned bathroom! when they want us to use our assigned bathroom! the point is when i do they still get uncomfortable! then where do i use the bathroom! do i go home from work, school, meetings? I as being transgender have never sexually or physically harmed anyone in my life! and to sit there and get called a rapist is absurd! i just want to live my life for once! i want to be able to wake up and feel like i wont get beat almost half to death for trying to live my life! it is totally uncalled for! I AM HUMAN just like any other cis-gender person. if we can stop segregation we can stop this because! it like if its not race it the abled, if its not them its the gays, if its not the gays it the trans. but when it boils down to the bottom we are all human so we should all be respected! how do you think a woman would feel if i was in the female locker room ans sense im female at birth i have to be in there and i take off my clothes and i have male genitalia and a full grown beard what in the lords name is she going to think and feel! she will feel so uncomfortable and so would I. so look at it from all angles you say your not against transgenders! i say you just had to find someone else to blame for something that happens with any sex female, male, neutral. ANYONE can be a rapist not just the transgender!