I like to think other people might have it worse…

i like to think that other people might have it worse. that led me to think and believe what i was going through wasn’t that bad. when i would tell people about my life that would feel sorry for me so i didn’t. but now i’m going to tell all of you. i was sexually physically verbally mentally and socially abused by my own mother for more years than i lived. she would try to kill me 6 out of the 7 days in the week and 1 out of 7 she would just beat me. she liked to not let us eat. us as in me and my three other brothers. she tried to drown my brother. she would make me sit on the front steps outside for hours on end in the winter and she wouldn’t let me shower, brush my teeth, wash my hair. Now people always think i’m the happiest guy well i’m not. i think about my brothers a lot they still live with her. i left and i went to treatment. people like to say they have it worse or i do. well we are all going through something really tough in life so we really don’t have to judge anyone.

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