TheBizFix Podcast 01: About Drew Koven, Host of TheBizFix Podcast

I’m Drew Koven, a global executive turned Venture investor and host of TheBizFix Podcast. I’m also Managing Director of LDR Ventures, an LA based Venture Capital group. We embrace diversity, impact, inclusion & female founders. We’re committed to investing, mentoring and advising with a portfolio of 70% women and minority founded or led businesses.

TheBizFix is about self-awareness and straight talk at the intersection of meaning and money aka what is really takes to build a business that combines one’s personal values with their business goals. I’m the host, our Executive producer is Maxi Kozler with the support of Ryan Williams and Dabian Canales. SheWorx, the leading global organization for female entrepreneurs with over 20,000 members world wide, is our sponsor: Please visit for more information.

The goal of each podcast is to provide real take away value for you.

With each episode of this podcast we’ll have a cross section of guests including entrepreneurs, world class athletes and entertainers, non-profit leaders and anyone who is on the cutting edge of combining money with meaning in their life. We’re growing this together with our community of entrepreneurs, business leaders and you.

TheBizFix isn’t about fame and glory. Just telling the real story. We’re excited to have you join us and thank you for investing your time by listening to our podcast.

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