While attempting to do another Homework Assignment, I realized that I wasn’t doing any meaningful work that would actually matter in today’s working economy. I see friends and colleagues in their own ventures while I sit in my school library all day, alone wondering if I would ever progress to the next level. It hard to make the decision if I should priorities worthless school work from writing a report a book that no inherit value to solving useless math problems that won’t solve any of the problems people face on a daily basis. Am not saying that higher education is useless but for my case I imagine that I would personally would become more successful if I placed myself in the workforce (Real World) instead of delaying it by placing myself in a artificial world. Being at college has offer me some value but not enough to justify the time wasted. Eventually I see my future self falling out of college when the time comes but in till then, I see school work and activities as secondly and business venture as a prioritize from here on out. Sorry for the late article posting. As the post in tales, I have been prioritizing school more then my own personal ventures this past month. I will improve as time passes.

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