Child Custody And Support Lawyer In Monmouth County

My innovative approach is to provide prudent and affordable representation to clients, with a focus on resolving your issues outside of court. Whether you’re going through a divorce or experiencing post-judgment issues, keeping the process out of court will save you time, money, and it will — most importantly — leave the decisions in your hands. Whether I am acting as your Freehold New Jersey divorce attorney or as a couple’s mediator, Law Office of Andrew R. Fischer — Divorce Attorney believe resolving family law matters boils down to reaching an agreement that is fair, durable, and meets the interests of all parties — putting the children’s issues at the forefront.

For me, family law extends well beyond working out the legal particulars at hand. Whether resolving financial issues, or issues involving children and custody, I’m looking out for my clients’ emotional and financial well-being. As a Monmouth county family attorney, I relish helping my clients resolve challenging conflicts in creative ways so that they can move forward with dignity and confidence.

Above all, I strive to resolve my clients’ cases efficiently and affordably. I do this by providing prudent and honest legal advice. As often as possible, I keep my clients’ cases out of court because I know that taking a case to trial can escalate emotional conflicts and have a negative impact on the children of the marriage. Trials are also a highly expensive and time consuming proposition — it can be years before you receive a final decision if you decide to take a case to trial.

Don’t Risk Your Children’s Well-Being. Resolve Your Child Custody Issues in Positive Ways.

Child custody issues often generate competitive bickering and attempts by one spouse to punish the other by limiting his or her parenting time. Unless custody represents a real danger to the child, I never advocate or support custody battles,or using children for negotiating or punishing.

I favor settling and mediating family law cases amicably when possible instead of going to court. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your children that you try to reach an amicable solution to child custody issues. Most separating or divorcing parents want what’s best for each child, and courtroom fighting can leave your family broken and emotionally bereft. Establishing a lifelong joint relationship with a spouse or co-parent in raising children is critical to your children’s long-term best interests. As a trained mediator and divorce attorney in freehold, NJ, I offer my services at reasonable rates to find solutions that are best for your family.

Understanding Your Custodial Options Under New Jersey Law

Monmouth County child custody lawyer consists of both physical and legal custody. Physical custody refers to the daily care of the child. Legal custody involves making important decisions like religious affiliation, education, and school activities.

In a majority of cases, parents share joint legal and physical custody because it is usually in the children’s best interests to have a strong relationship with each parent. Under certain circumstances, one parent may be awarded sole physical or legal custody. Sole legal and physical custody is generally reserved in cases where one parent is deemed to be unfit, or where there is abuse, neglect, drug history, etc.

The children’s specific parenting time schedule is often agreed upon by the parties. Parenting time usually includes a schedule that combines evenings, nights, weekends and holidays. If you can’t agree on a schedule, a judge often orders both you and your spouse to submit a custody plan to the court for consideration. You may also be required hire an expert to conduct a custody evaluation.

Don’t Let Your Children Go Unsupported. Meet With a New Jersey Child Support Lawyer Today.

Divorce often involves more than two people. It usually includes children that require proper support. It is essential to make sure enough funds are available to keep them properly cared for and supported.

Raising children can be a rewarding yet expensive proposition. There are simple ways to settle a fair child support obligation without strife. As a Monmouth County child support lawyer, I focus on putting the children’s needs first and help negotiate fair arrangements between parents.

New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

In New Jersey, child support laws maintain the idea that children deserve the right to be equally supported financially by both parents. As a trained New Jersey child support lawyer, I work with you and discuss the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines, which provides an assessment of how financial obligations are calculated.

The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines consider factors like each parent’s individual income, where the children spend overnights, and which parent covers certain expenses, like health care and schooling. In general, the child support payments cover housing, food, clothing, transportation, certain healthcare expenses, and entertainment. Other payments can be added to child support if it fits certain criteria under court rules.

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