Chapter Two

Where do I stand now?

So what is my situation? Here’s a few mixed up figures:

I’m coming up for retirement next year — which is weird because I think I’m 32.

Don't get me wrong - I love 63.

And luckily for me most people think I’m 47. So that’s a bonus. I must be doing something right.

My family on my Mum’s side live into their 90’s.

I was thinking I’d try to be fit at 100.

That gives in 37 years to work on things.

I like being older - having the tube pass - and other things too. But like everyone else I suppose it would be good to stay fit and healthy.

Well the six month Personal Trainer course has given me a better knowledge of the body. Even though I did ‘A’ level Biology I was surprised how little of that knowledge I still carried with me. Strange to live in one all these years - and not to really have much of an idea how it works. So now I know what all the bits do. The next six months I’m going to spend Personal Training myself and perhaps a couple of friends. Then I’ll look for some private clients to work with - if they’ll have me. I’m thinking of a similar age and with similar issues. There’s no substitute for empathy.

So if you’re in London. I live in Kennington. And if you’re 50+ and you’re looking to stay fit or get fit. Then six months from now I’ll be ready to help you out. Maybe a little sooner.

Off to my yoga class.