The World is changing daily. 40 years ago people couldn’t even imagine what the world would be today. Actually, we, at least, live in 2 worlds now at the same time. Organic life and internet. Not to mention that some people may have already moved to the internet completely. Remember when you looked at your phone and couldn’t hear people around you.

This is a huge difference. Enormous opportunities. And gigantic responsibility. The Internet is brought to us by lots of different devices: phones, computers, watches, cars, even refrigerators. It is everywhere and that makes it a real world. The Internet gives us access to billions of people all over. We can talk even not knowing each other language. We can find any data we require. Discuss topics. And bring something new. All that is possible because of the internet.

Same as our world needs protection and order. So does the internet.

We have police, control services and law in life. It really solves lot’s of issues and takes care of people who do not intend to do good.

I also can tell you that al over the world people can impact the situation around them. Somewhere personal weapons are used. Somewhere you can report crimes. Kids are protected. And there is a chance to do something.

The Internet is not yet there. It is coming that way. Just not yet.

On the internet, it could be easier to trick people. Fake accounts. Scum and stuff like that work daily to ruin our lives. They improve. They innovate. I say we need to work hard to make our life better and protected. At least as the opposite to theirs work.

Most of the apps we use are already filled with bad stuff. You may run into scum on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, What’s up, Viber, Twitter e.t.c. Latest edition is Skype. I saw that myself how my friends account was broken and someone else read all our communication and started talking to me as it was my friend. It is like someone comes to your home in the evening wearing a mask of father or mother. Your friend. But he is not. And he has something bad in mind. We definitely need to make it safer. Imagine if in the world we’d have not just 7 billion people but also a 100 billion fake humanoids walking around? The World wouldn’t last long. For the internet it is possible. That means that the internet requires protection and service to work on that. Not to mention children. Who are easy to be tricked because of the lack of experience. Kids need all the protection possible. I’m sure they can find any information that might harm them. So as run into a not trustworthy people.

And we can’t just take it away. The Internet is here to stay. And it requires responsibility. Every developer must concentrate on those issues. This is what we all can do. All we need is not to turn away and act when we can.

Be safe.

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