The Fascist Palace, the Fascist New Town

This is “the Palace of Italian Civilisation”, built as the centre piece of a fascist-era planned new town in suburban Rome.

The town, named EUR (Exhibition Universal Rome), was to be the site of a proposed 1942 World’s Fair, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the march on Rome.

An oblong imitation of the ancient Colosseum, the palace is inscribed with a huge Mussolini quote and was intended to be the fair’s main exhibition hall. However, the Second World War halted development and the fair was called off.

After the war, EUR was completed on modernist planning lines with office blocks, high-rise apartments and axial boulevards. It became an out of town business park, but with a successful, if small residential community. The palace stood empty.

In 2015, the building became the HQ of design giant Fendi.

The grand floor is now an ‘immersive Fendi experience’ open to the public.

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