Things A Woman Can Die Of In Modern Ireland

Andrew Galvin
Nov 7, 2016 · 1 min read

Logical inconsistency

False equivalency in pregnancy

Toxic masculinity

Your flavour of morality

The advice of family and friends

Believing he’s sorry and won’t do it again


A long taught hate

Political convenience

The non-separation of church and state

Waiting is something a woman can die of in modern Ireland

Waiting for a scan

A counsellor

A prescription

A procedure

A restraining order

A second opinion

An appeal decision

To be seen

Not just seen to be seen

For invisibility is another thing that women can die of in modern Ireland

It’s the strangest thing but the best I can make out light

And vision here function in different ways

Concealed in plain sight

Their existence is somehow out of phase


A frequency unsuitable to disturb the air sufficiently to be heard

And yet, some have managed it.

With great effort and valour vaulted the abyss

Screamed and stamped so loud with poetry and passion igniting others

Affirming something more than sisters, daughters, wives and mothers

Her very being become a transcendental, primal, self-immolation

Of pure





Another thing a woman can die of in modern Ireland

Andrew Galvin

Written by

Irish poet, playwright & performer @maxhomo

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