Unintended Forced Male Pregnancy Pro-Life Empathy Challenge!

Andrew Galvin
May 12, 2018 · 3 min read

I’m getting more than a little sick of pro-choicers making out that because I don’t have a uterus and will therefore never be directly impacted by anti-abortion legislation that my opinions on the subject are somehow less important or valid. As a man I particularly object to my views being seen as less important so I’ve decided to do something about that.

I believe that all pregnancies should result in birth, and that the best punishment for unintended pregnancy is unintended parenthood. And look, I’m not saying that carrying a pregnancy against your will is easy. Hell, what in this life that’s worth a damn is ever easy? What I’m saying is that if god had gifted me the opportunity to be the vessel of his miraculous creation then I totally would carry that pregnancy whatever the cost.

So, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, show what I’m made of, and take the Unintended Forced Male Pregnancy Pro-Life Empathy Challenge!

I have teamed up with American Medical Dynamics to create an amazing self-inflating surgical balloon that I have had implanted in the membrane between my bladder and my stomach. Over the course of nine months the balloon will gradually expand until reaching the average size of a full term fetus.

Throughout the pregnancy I will work closely with a physician to ensure via various drugs and treatments that I remain tired and weak while developing the following conditions: Anemia, Urinary Tract Infections, Depression, Hypertension, and GDM.

Given that at least half of Irish Women who have had abortions already have children I’ll be borrowing a neighbour’s child to look after and bond with for the duration also.

When it comes to the birth my physician and I will create a ‘chance guide’ of possible birth complications linked to a number from 1–6 and depending on where the dice lands I will receive anything from a straight-forward cesarean to a non-consensual episiotomy all the way up to a possible bleed out and death.

Afterwards, assuming I have survived *fingers crossed* I will return my surrogate child to my neighbour to simulate how easy it is to put a child up for adoption.

Beyond that it’s just a matter of simulating any lifelong damage the pregnancy has done to my health and body as well as a smattering of post-partum depression and that’s it!

There you have it my fellow, pro-life men. Gauntlet officially laid down. For too long we have been side-lined in this debate by virtue of the fact that it doesn’t directly impact us, but it is my belief that the Unintended Forced Male Pregnancy Pro-Life Empathy Challenge can and will change all that.

Let’s do this! It is my sincere hope that all of my pro-life Brothers across the globe will join me in this challenge so please, share far and wide and tag any pro-life men you know that you’d like to see take the Unintended Forced Male Pregnancy Pro-Life Empathy Challenge!

Men, together, and with the help of the Unintended Forced Male Pregnancy Save The 8th Empathy Challenge, we can make this about what really matters, us, and what we think.

And finally, to the pro-choice, nay-sayers I say this. I feel confident that when you see how many men are willing to partake in this challenge there will be no doubt in your mind about how seriously we take our pro-life views.

[American Medical Dynamics have agreed to provide self-inflating surgical balloons for all men who take part]

Andrew Galvin

Written by

Irish poet, playwright & performer @maxhomo

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