DISA Junior Academy Program Teaches Competitive Soccer Skills

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Andrew Khoury is an undergraduate at Charleston Southern University in pursuit of a bachelor of science in kinesiology. Prior to attending the university, he coached youth soccer as an Under-11 (U11) team coach for the Daniel Island Soccer Academy (DISA) in Charleston, which gives young soccer players the chance to grow their love of the game while improving technical skills through the Junior Academy Program.

Designed for children ages 8–12, the program provides soccer coaching in an enjoyable environment to guide players as they transition from recreational to competitive play. The program caters to players with a desire to increase their skills and cultivate an understanding of the game’s tactical aspects. Coaches emphasize the importance of training, providing technical and tactical training four times each week during 90-minute sessions. Players are encouraged to practice skills at home between sessions.

The Junior Academy Program places players in teams based on their age group. Teams compete in games throughout their training and typically participate in two tournaments, one local and one out-of-town.

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Andrew Khoury is a young man of diverse talents who has been studying kinesiology at South Carolina’s Charleston Southern University since 2014.

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