Two Instagram Stories Tips = 175% More Engagement/Reach (NOT CLICKBAIT)

I just thought I’d share two tips that have been yielding incredible results for my brands’ Instagram Stories.

*If your brand isn’t on Instagram, I’d highly recommend you change that.

Tip #1:
Use 10 relevant (and popular) hashtags to each one of your Instagram Stories. Here’s the trick: slide the hashtags off of the screen so they aren’t visible anymore. This may take a minute trying to get this right. Even though the hashtags aren’t visible, Instagram still allows that Story post to those hashtags.

Tip #2:
Tag a (relevant and popular) location for each one of your Stories posts. If you don’t want the location tag to ‘appear’ when someone watches the Story post, simply slide the tag until it’s off of the screen (just as you did with hashtags in tip #1).

Using these two tactics has dramatically increased my range on my stories dramatically. Not only has my range increased, but we’ve seen a huge increase in DMs from our IG stories posts and a noticeable increase in new followers across the board.

There you have it, just taking a few extra minutes of your time on your Instagram Stories posts can yield dramatic results.

Also, considering that Snapchat just made it possible to add links to Snaps, I would guess that hashtags in Snaps are in the near distant future.

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