Philanthropy Trends This Holiday Season — Andrew Leigh | Jerry Leigh

Giving Tuesday is almost here, and with it, the kick-off of the Season of Giving. People are more inclined to help others during this time of year, and now, philanthropy is easier than ever thanks to crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe. But something else is happening this year: Giving itself is being questioned from a marketing perspective, and it’s time that people started delving deeper into what the biggest barriers to philanthropy are.

Remembering Why

Corporate philanthropy has been around for decades, and it’s often prominent during the holiday season. Customers are told that a portion of their purchases will go toward a good cause, so they spend more so that they’ll ultimately be doing something good. Many corporations will take this approach during the holiday season to drive charitable donations. Often times, corporations will also match donations!

Asking Hard Questions

It’s easy to read about a cause, donate money and feel good about it. But where are proceeds really going, and who do they benefit the most? The bottom-line has to be addressed before making a contribution, especially when it comes to charitable campaigns run by major companies.

The bigger the organization, the greater level of scrutiny donors should apply. It’s not all bah-humbug, of course. There are plenty of ways a large organization can do wonderous things that a smaller one couldn’t. Rather than boycott large-scale charity ads as a whole, it’s better to explore their underlying goals.

Philanthropy Tips For The Holiday Season

Before making any contributions this year, take time to explore organizations, investigate new causes and make an effort to be kinder and more giving in everyday life. Sometimes, directly giving time and resources to those in need makes an even bigger difference in one person’s life than hundreds of dollars given to a charity.

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Andrew Leigh, President of Jerry Leigh of California, is personally passionate about philanthropy and loves to help others.

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