Why the Best Place to Start is From Nothing at All

Starting small? I’m used to it. I did it when I first launched my company from a booth of a flea market in Brooklyn, and I’m doing it now as you’re reading this. As the son of two immigrant parents, as a kid who got thrown into military school for acting up, and as a founder crazy enough to start a business in unfamiliar territory, I know what starting small or even from nothing at all looks like.

Maybe you’re reading this because you’ve failed. Or maybe you’re too afraid to fail. Maybe you’re not sure where to begin. I’m here with good news: you’re in the right place. Why? Because I’ve been there. Five years ago, as a young entrepreneur with nothing but a few years as a financial analyst under my belt, I took the leap — and now I’m leading a team of over 40 people, working with some of the best partner brands, and building a platform to take over the eyewear industry. Needless to say, I’m proud of what’s been built from my humble beginnings.

Sure, I’ve made mistakes. I’ve royally screwed up along the way. But I’ve learned from those experiences. I’ve taken what we’ve learned and moved on to accomplish incredible things at eponym. And that’s not something that I want to keep to myself. Starting today, I’ll be sharing some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned so far. I invite you to learn from the challenges, struggles, and victories I’ve taken on — so that you can do the same.

I look forward to sharing eponym’s journey with you.



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