If you’re a human resources director, senior executive, or entrepreneur, then you know exactly how important your staff is to your individual and companywide success. Your business is only as strong as your team, and it takes more than luck to hire and keep the best possible team members. Senior executive and dynamic visionary Andrew Malek offered us his insights on how to effectively build, recruit, train, and retain a winning staff.

First, suggests Malek, your recruitment strategy should come from an abundance mindset. “If you hire based on scarcity, you won’t end up with good results,” says Andrew Malek. “The goal of recruitment is not to find anyone who fits the job description and can start right away, or even to find the best person for the job on paper. The best hire is a good fit on both sides. …

Effective business leadership is never an easy feat. When you’re entrusted with the well-being of your staff and company alike, while keeping an eye on the future of your industry (and, of course, your bottom line), it can be tempting to stick with tried and true methods. Particularly if you’ve been successful in the past, going about things in the same way every time can seem like the best way to continue.

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But according to senior executive and business leader Andrew Malek, being an effective CEO is all about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. “If you can’t get out of your own way and learn to compromise your comfort zone, push your personal and professional boundaries, and get creative with your approach,” says Malek, “your leadership won’t be effective. …

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How can business leaders drive innovation and avoid falling into a rut? Senior executive, mentor, and visionary Andrew Malek offers insights into the evolving workforce, the role of technology, and the significance of fostering creativity in today’s workplace.

Whether you’re a CEO who wants to shift the way your teams communicate with one another or an entrepreneur hoping to cultivate a change-oriented mindset, you’ll glean important insights into the process of innovation with Andrew Malek’s tips.

#1: Remain Open to Change

Fostering a company culture of innovation starts at the top, says Andrew Malek. “You can promote the importance of creativity and experimentation all you want,” says Malek, “but if your top executives aren’t open to changing the way they do things as well, you won’t get far.” …


Andrew Malek

Andrew Malek’s 33-year career has been centered on design, management, and construction of infrastructure projects throughout the US