40 days served

March 29

Martin Lawrence is a genius actor, maybe the best actor there ever has been. No, this is not crazy jail talk I don’t think. Tonight we watched “Big Mommas House”. I remember seeing this movie in the theater when it came out. I think I was 16 years old. I remember loving it then, I couldn’t believe how Lawrence made the entire theater funny. Well, I felt like I had to write this tonight, because nearly 15 years later, the movie is still amazing and tonight I really realized how brilliant Martin is. first of all, no one on the planet could have pulled off such a ridiculous role and script. He not only pulled it off, but made it seem reasonable and beyond. His comedic timing is impeccable. No joke, I said to myself “he is so good, I could see myself falling for this” when it comes to the people who know Big Momma in the film. I can’t believe it. I know I have seen Big Momma 2 also but forgot it, I may need, actually I will definitely rewatch it soon. I am going to make everyone I know watch Big Mommas House with me. Can’t wait to watch with Babe especially, she loves funny stuff. Speaking of babe, she told me today she is a bit nervous about us for the first time since I have been gone. Good thing I’m out in a week because any longer and the trust instilled of me in her would fade I think. She believes in me though and 2014 will still be my biggest year. I’m about to go Big Momma on life, and Martin Lawrence this bitch. 1 week to go for shizz!!!

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