40 days served

March 27

I’m actually starting to feel like my time is coming to get out of here. It is for sure, but I still have over a week to go. I can’t see it playing out any other way besides me just leaving when I’m supposed to. I hope it stays that way. Found out a nice kid who left the other night after serving I think 4 months left and was arrested as he walked out of jail for a warrent he had. He was taken to another jail as it was a warrant for another county close to here. That sucks. I had a conversation with my Mom tonight that turned kind of ugly. My parents are upset that the year I stopped caring about them not being the best parents, especially my mom, and not trying to get love from them ended up being by far the best year of my life. Once I stopped caring what they thought of me, I became the fucking man. I spoke to Nathan today also and Amada in the backround. That is my family. They are what will make my potential move back to Florida most important. I think about Noah and want to protect him and help make sure he had the best life. I love baby Noah. Speaking of babies, I spoke to baby doll as well. She is sounding cuter and cuter to me each day, which is great, because the time of seeing her is getting closer and closer and the build has been cray. I never knew love like this existed inside of me. She and I are a team too. For life. Anyway the call with my mom wasn’t so bad and I told her I loved her. Now I feel bad kind of, writing that but it’s so true and truth aint no bed of roses kidd. Counting em down on my hands.

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