40 days served

March 28

What can I say anymore? I have written about things that happen here day to day and now less and less is happening. I played ping pong todfay and beat a guy I had yet to beat since coming here, but it was after he taught me how to play better. So I guess he beat himself really. I had mashed potatoes and creamed corn for dinner. I feel like I didn’t do anything today, I am just counting it down. I miss my buddy who went to boot camp a few days ago. We played Battleship all day and he would talk to me about his girlfriend and stuff, it gave me something to do. He is gone though. Just like I will be in 8 days. Babe and I spoke today, she had her thing where she got freaked out by me and love which is cool, I am used to it. Just a thing, and really aint no but a. The French Canadian C.O. who wont admit he is black is watching over us tonight, so sleeping will probably be tough, as he makes a ton of noise on purpose. The crew of people in my pod for the most part are so sick of being here. There are a few new guys who all seem way weirder than the people who came before and a week or two after me. I spoke with my lawyer and Phish tour Datty Alex and with Robin, my Phish tour mommy today, that was great. As soon as I get out of here, I am taking a nose dive into a pizza and also a burrito, I wonder if it will be at the same time? Cya tomorrow.

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