40 days served

March 22

Really looking to get out of here. The two week countdown to freedom has begun. The dude who bothers me who is a retarded crackhead who looks like frankenstein Kevin Bacon has not said anything to me today. He tried to talk to me but I ignored him and his buddies are not liked by anyone in here. I have spoken to many people and they laugh, several of them who want to figure out a way to get them to fight each other so they are both removed from the pod. I have even put major thought into provocing them into hit me so they get thrown out and so I could sue them. I would IMEDIATELY tell on them and “rat” on them. People in jail are like retarded child like animals. They have ideas in their heads that are so unlike anyone else. Not everyone but definitely the idiots that have picked on me. Funny thing is, I am leaving in two weeks and those retards are headed to prison for years. I have been feeling something big will happen before I go. I have been working out with my buddy for almost a week now and my shoulders have strech marks on them. I am thinking all day at this point “ Please crackhead, retard, Kevin Bacon frakenstein look-a-like, hit me, so your dumb girlfriend at that piece of shit you call a home has to pay me everything you two are worth, probably 0.0 loser!”. Anyway, writing about it helps. Jail aint no walk in the park kids. Can’t wait to return to NYC.

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