40 days served

March 21

Get me out of here! Just kidding, but not really. Getting a little tired of being here and today was even a meat free meal day! It was really good. PB and J for lunch with vegetable soup, and macaroni and cheese for dinner. This place has no windows so it always smells like shit and BO Literally which sucks. I have really only two weeks left and then I am out forever. I will make sure I never go back to jail, and you can throw a hashtag on that if you want. I went outside for 5 minutes today for the second time since I have been here. I have recieved letters from several people but don’t feel like writing them back. I feel like writing this journal is sort of a way to write everyone back. It’s just hard writing people here for some reason. Maybe it’s because of my awful hand writing. I have noticed a lot of inmates have beautiful hand writing, probably because they are always locked up. I might go to an AA meeting here tonight and tell a fake story and fake cry, a funny story just to get my rocks off. I think my buddy in here is going and I told him “Come, I will tell a story, it will be funny”. I am so much more next level than anyone in here. Probably anyone in upstate New York for that matter. place is disgusting and the people are inbred retards for the most part. 2 weeks pholks.