40 days served

March 23

Today was a little tough with my situation with the doods who were picking on me. They overheard me on the phone telling babe that I would rat them out in a heart beat if they tried anything on me and I purposely made the call in front of them. After the call I walked up to one who on and off pretended to be friends with me and told him the same thing and told him to fuck off. He is the most evil looking person I have ever seen or encountered I guess. Looks like a retarded alien with eyes that spew evil. He talks all day about the bad things he has done. Him and Kevin Bacon crackhead retard frankenstein are the most hated people in here. They told me they wont talk to me anymore. Wow, what a relief. This guy kept telling me “I can’t wait to hang with you on the outside in Brooklyn Martin”. LOL! I wouldn’t be caught dead with this not on my level, disgusting human. Not in Brooklyn for sure, and not anywhere. It’s funny how the “hardest” criminals in here walk around talking trash about everyone like high school girl cheerleaders. When he tried to be friends with me (not hard because he was also threatening me at the same time) he would just babble about everyone else here. I have less than two weeks left. I am so ready to leave but would be actually dissapointed if they sent me home today for some reason. Maybe fulfilling the full sentence is something that will make me feel like I did something brave. I am positive I am not meant to or supposed to be here. Peace and love is my thing. Not retarded aliens.

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