I started seeing phish in 2003, however my first heavy touring happened in 2012. Up until that point I guess I had seen 30 shows or so. Living in Florida as working in the video store made it tough but I did do every show I could possibly do and pushed my limits. The point of this writing is to tell you how things have turned out in short form, and maybe you can compare yourself with me when it comes to the ideas I had in the Summer of 2012.

My best friend is Aylon. He and I are totally different but so different that we are the same. We are the torch carriers for the phlorida community. Our friends mostly hit 1–4 shows a year and hit dope festivals in Florida rather than takes highway to the great divide. Myself and Aylon had seen phish together in 03 a bit, we spent a ton of time at Coventry (my only festival) and post 2009 have seen at least 60 shows together, like at the very least.

In 2011 Aylon and I decided to do 5 shows together, Mansfield through mpp and got to know each other even better than before. We had a lot of ideas that were so different but connected. I was fat and had long hair and a beard. I wanted to expand. I wanted to be around Aylon as much as possible to learn and prosper and help others and just be. We picked up a couple via ride share on Craigslist. Alex and Robin were this new shining light on me at least and I think Aylon. We all fell in love. The phamily became extensive at the end of 2011 and we all set out to do a ton of tour in 2012. I went to 14 shows that summer. I took over a month off a work (no one rents movies anymore so boss was cool).

I remember meeting with #datty aka Alex aka my lawyer aka my best friend and leader at a restaurant in nyc. This was in between shows during the 2012 Summer tour. I told him what I wanted and what I needed. I told him I want the community to be one. That I want everyone to know each other. I let him know that I wanted to share my talents with everybody and was ready to do that. I explained that I wanted girls. Lots of them. He knew I was whacky, but I could tell that he was listening to me as he does no matter what because he is caring and understood the ideas and why I needed them.

Fast forward to now. Here is where things get very hetty and cosmic. It has a lot to do with me and my ideas, but really the same amount to do with your ideas because I feel like when you’re cool and into this vibing awesome energy you can share in with Phish, we mostly have the same and right ideas. Now I go on the floor at shows and everyone knows each other. The cool people always find one another. This was told to me by a great Phan in 2013 and it always stuck. A bunch of us in tha pavilion not only know each other but live with, through and for each other. It’s truly amazing.

Not only did I start meeting women, I literally became a fucking sexual icon just like many of you man and woman. I have gone on picnic dates with super hot hetty girls and have choked (breathing heavily typing this. When I wrap my hands around the little girls necks that is something I should have to pay for…) and banged several even in the last few week. I am literally living a dream and I damn near love it. I have even enjoyed having my heart ripped out by some of these women after the fact. It’s all a learning process.

I’m not writing this to brag. I think we all can say this or some of this for ourselves. Take the bits in pieces as we live while we are young. Can’t we? The love inside of the community runs so deep.

We are all just that long haired overweight boy at the video store in Florida. Just like we are all the lawyer in New York City. Or the media agent in Colorado. It’s because we all get “It” if we do. I sat for a year thinking about the 10th phish festival, every night blasting my favorite songs and crying most nights. This is the bigs.

If you see me, hug me. Tell me you love me. Even if it is only with your beautiful eyes. I will do the same. You are my phamily. No one has a bigger phamily than us. Not even Madea.

By the way don’t you just love blog posts about Phish that have no mention of the band or songs?

Let’s walk this sucker. See you at MagnaBall.

Peace and damn near,