Enterprise Is A Foreign Country

Although the ethos of the startup is very different than a large company, I think we should recognize the scale and talent present there.

We’re building an enterprise grade product at work. This is new to me. There are a ton of requirements that have acronyms I had to look up.

It seems to me there is a lot of snobbery in startups. A sort of anti-establishment manifesto that everyone implicitly knows. And yet, the goal is to sell into one of these resented companies.

I am absolutely guilty of this snobbery, but I am aware of it and am coming to a more grounded position.

Having begun a due diligence process, I can say that inside these dinosaurs there are some really talented people. People who have scaled 10x what your company ever will. People that have a roadmap for how you can do something that would have otherwise taken a lot of trial, error, and pain, not to mention wasted time.

It has even led me to start designing new projects differently. One simple change is using a stand alone auth system ( nice for portability ) that runs on a separate port. I have a repo for mongo and a repo for sql ( will open source soon ). Even if this auth system is running on the same server, it makes it nice and easy to integrate LDAP later or at least have it be federated from day one.

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