Man Pillows?


I’m trying something new.

I’m a software developer. I’ve built 50+ apps (small and large) over the past decade and not once have I tried to sell a physical product.

Knowing nothing about Shopify, marketing, and broadly, selling physical things online I began small and simple… with man pillows.

Why Man Pillows?

Picture your couch and your bed. Isn’t everything there just slightly either neutral or feminine? Unless you still have some AC/DC posters up chances are your bedroom looks like mine… just every so subtly feminine. Don’t misunderstand. There’ s nothing wrong with that. I’ve lived my whole life that way. But what if there were some dope accents you could throw in there to spice things up, like a man pillow.

Exhibit A: Man Pillow

See this, this is a pretty rad pillow. I wanted this pillow and so I figured out how to make it, ship it, sell it.

The thesis is that there’s a ton of products out there for men but not really geared for men’s homes. Again, aside from some posters or pictures just buying from typical places like Ikea, Target, etc, you’re finding only their selection and frankly, it’s geared towards women. This was and is the correct decision, I just think there’s another way. A line of products geared towards men at home.

Dudes At Home

Dudes At Home is my latest experiment and my first attempt at a physical product. We’re starting with pillows and are probably going to stick with that for a while.

I’ve been really inspired by PitViper’s Instagram and a few other brands and think men deserve a brand to call their own, one that makes super rad dude-stuff for our humble abodes.

If you’d like to grab a pillow you can do so here. Otherwise, I’ll keep updating as the product evolves.

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