I’ll never look at weddings again. They are a lot less stressful when you’re on weed.

I remember the first few weddings that I planned years ago. I also remember the stories each bride told me about her stressful journey to the altar. Many brides grow up wanting to carry out their childhood wedding dreams.

Soft blush colors that were whimsical just like you see in the movies. A long wedding gown train similar to Princess Diana was in high demand. It was as if a long train was a staple to what a successful wedding actually looked like.

I remember a particular bride whose biggest request was to ensure that everything followed her Christian beliefs. Her fear was having a guest do something that would embarrass her in front of the guests who were active members of her church. For weeks she stressed over ways to prevent her guests from disrupting the flow of her wedding. Questions ranged from should she limit alcohol at her bar. Would her church members judge her for having alcohol? Should she give a predetermined song list to the DJ who could not divert from it?

It go to the point that I had to ask her if she would rather have a wedding at the court house and just forget about inviting guests. It would truly save her from stressing over behaviors she had no control over no matter what she did.

When I look back at brides like her and all the stress they’ve placed on themselves, I wonder how many of them could have been better off by smoking a blunt.

Certainly back then having weed at your wedding was unheard of, but you and I know that guests either came to a wedding high or would sneak out of the reception to smoke one. And it’s not just guests. Yes I’ve been drowned in the ambiance of the nervous groom arriving to the wedding high as hell. I had to Febreze the hell out of him to avoid questions.

Today couples are now passing out blunts as wedding favors. Verses having a unity candle, they are sharing a bong at the altar. Rather than having the traditional champagne toasts, guests lite up and puff puff pass. Budtenders now roll sophisticated joints, offer infused candy, and recommend the perfect edibles with your meal.

Lollylah Photography

Cannabis has become normalcy for couples whose state allows legal consumption. Not all weed weddings are so in your face. There are subtle ways for you to showcase acceptance. My favorite is the smoke-able weed boutonniere. It is a plant so it just makes sense.

Yes I know this might sound like the next best thing, but for some this is a nightmare waiting to happen. Pro cannabis couples may find it hard to find wedding vendors who support their habit. Their guests list might be dramatically smaller. Someone might “accidentally” eat an edible and get fired from their job due to a surprise urinalysis.

Did you know there are non-THC joints that you can smoke and not come up hot on a drug test?

If you plan to have weed at your wedding, it’s important to educate your guests on such entertainment. It’s also critical that you book venues and vendors that support this and only host such a wedding in states where weed is legal.

Andrew Roby is the lead planner at Andrew Roby Events.