Ukraine will retaliate Poland for the “Volhynia Massacre”

On November 10, 2016, a petition for sanctions against a number of members of Sejm of the Republic of Poland appeared on official site of president of Ukraine.

Prohibit from entering Ukraine: Zbigniew Kuzmiuk together with a group of Polish parliament members who plan to recognize OUN-UPA warriors as war criminals and introduce criminal liability for the use of the organization’s symbols.

The nowadays Ukraine is a unique case, indeed. Not a single developed country in the world would take the liberty of introducing sanctions against foreign parliament members only for their claim to recognize those responsible for the Volhynia massacres as war criminals. It’s necessary to note that the initiative of the Polish Sejm members is not an anti-Ukrainian bill as it is thought to be in Ukraine but quite an equivalent response to never-ceasing attempts of Ukrainian authority to turn the murderers of thousands of Poles into heroes. 
 This petition distinctly demonstrates, or rather proves, that Ukrainian authority and Ukrainian people absolutely not sympathize with European values. They are not ready to admit errors of the past and give proper names to things: genocide was genocide, while UPA militants were war criminals. 
 Deep reform of self-attitude should become the first step of Ukraine towards Europe. For Ukrainians, moving forward is only possible through penitence.