Saving the earth, one bag at a time.

Hello, my name is Andrew Holmstrom and I am a marketing student at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The focus of my presentation is to persuade the grocery store Superone to gradually stop offering plastic bags in their stores. I am mainly speaking to the executives of this chain and would focus my efforts on the economic aspect of selling cloth bags, as well as the environmental aspect of reducing our usage of plastic.

Get Attention

  • When it comes to becoming environmentally friendly, what could we do to tackle this issue in a cost effective manner? The simple answer to this question is to decrease our usage of plastic bags!


  • With decreasing the stores usage of plastic bags, we reduce the amount of waste created when people throw away said bags. This doesn’t necessarily mean outlawing plastic bags immediately, just gradually pushing them out of circulation once no more are ordered.
  • The company could also offer a recycling option for plastic bags that people bring into the store, so as to allow others to use those recycled bags if they would like.


  • This idea is not new in the United States. For example, in San Jose, California, a plastic bag ban led to an 89 percent reduction in the number of plastic bags winding up in the city’s storm drains. The option of charging small fees for plastic bags has also proven fairly effective. Washington, DC’s government estimates that its 5-cent bag tax has led to a 60 percent reduction in the number of these bags being used.


  • So as seen from the options stated and the examples given, there is much that can be done to work towards a more environmentally friendly Superone. If the company does not want to outright ban plastic bags from being offered in the store, charging a small fee for plastic bags and allowing cloth bags to be sold in the store would also be cost effective solutions.
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