Chelsea Manning — A hero the social justice warriors don’t deserve.

Today’s bizarre treatment of Chelsea Manning on social media is quite emblematic of how one can be right on surface level, but just as wrong as a Neo Nazi or an Antifa thug upon further observation.

I will not go into Manning’s backstory in detail, but if you are not familiar with her, please see her Wikipedia article, because the mainstream media is not a reliable source of information about this incredibly brave, heroic US Army intelligence analyst.

Just as untrustworthy a source of information about Chelsea Manning is the growing crowd of attention hogs and social media justice warriors who have leeched upon her newfound fame. Until President Obama pardoned Manning for the very same crimes that he used to justify her imprisonment, torture, and prison sentencing, Chelsea Manning was best known as the leaker of the Collateral Murder video, among a trove of other important documents. Previous to her leaks, WikiLeaks was not a well-known organization, and Manning’s actions served as inspiration for several other noteworthy and important whistleblowers.

To those who have long criticized the horrific US foreign policy (perpetuated by both US political parties and all major presidents for the past century of American history); who believe in an open government free of tyranical secrecy and snooping into its citizens’ private lives; who support a free and effective press — Manning’s actions made her an American hero.

But only after President Obama pardoned Manning, whereby she was free to setup her new identity as a transgender woman, did the crowd of newcomers begin to express support and sympathy for her. To those of us who knew and defended Manning when she was known as Bradley — and then continued to defend her after she bravely came out as a transgender woman — this newfound group of supporters appear to be offensively opportunistic, disgustingly uninformed, and viciously uninterested in Manning, the hero. Instead, these creeps only wish to focus on Manning, the person who chose to adopt a lifestyle and identity that they can spout off about on social media for some likes. If they’re lucky, maybe they can use the post as a means to get into a heated debate with people from “the other side.”

A clip from Collateral Murder, showing military servicemen being horrible pigs in a country they should not be invading. Not as sexy as a quote RT pinned with a hi-res image of Chelsea’s new look, but much more important.

The rise of identity politics has hit horrifying new levels when it is able to drown out the historic achievements of Chelsea Manning, merely to establish her as the transgender community’s “flavor of the month.”

By dropping such important contexts, the social justice movement fully evades Manning’s bravery as a leaker of secret intelligence showing the worst and most horrific consequences of the United States’ disastrous foreign policy. They discount as unimportant all the things that Manning’s actions spawned, including:

* the Arab Spring
* the exposure of numerous foreign actors supporting the Taliban
* the uncovering of hundreds of unreported civilian and friendly fire casualties in Afghanistan
* the DOD’s hiring of male child prostitutes in Afghanistan
* providing the American people with an accurate death count caused by our ruthlessly violent actions in Iraq

Where were the justice warriors and other lowlives that comprise Manning’s new gang of pseudo-intellectual cheerleaders when she was on her hunger strike in prison? What about the numerous well-attended protests held in support of her immediate release? How many of those same people shat upon Julian Assange, Manning’s most ferverant supporter, just because WikiLeaks chose to release damaging emails from the Clinton campaign? These supporters are doing Manning no favors — instead, they are drowning out her message of unity, freedom, and openness by subsuming it under a cloud of partisanship and identity politics.

Thanks, Obama. Of course, you’re horrible for locking her up in the first place.

Chelsea Manning exposed as fraudulent the entire military industrial complex, and served as the catalyst for numerous world events that will litter the pages of the future’s history texts. She jumpstarted essential worldwide discussions about internet privacy, the treatment of our soldiers accused of crimes, the absurdity of the US’s treason laws, and freedom of the press in the West. And yes, Chelsea Manning has come out publicly as a transgender woman, which we all should respect. Some internet loudmouth may agree with me that Chelsea Manning is a wonderful person who exudes positivity and hope amidst very dark times. But under the surface, only one of us pays fair tribute to her many important achievements, praising her for the truth we are all empowered to know because of her.

I am usually not one to espouse politics on the internet, because in recent years, the web has gone from being a mecca of ideological debate and civil discourse to a disgusting tarheap of trolling, misinformation, and ad hominems, where the world of cultured understanding has all but taken a back seat to Facebook likes and Twitter hearts. However, I am not simply dismayed by the treatment shown to Chelsea Manning. Rather, I am outraged and offended. And I searched for other articles in support of my views, but came up empty. So here I am, tiptoeing across one of the internet’s most volatile topics, out of respect and gratitude for Manning’s many gifts to the world.

By taking the West to task over its objectionable treatment of human life all around the world, Chelsea Manning changed the world for the better. Her reputation ought to preceed her, because Manning’s leaks and heroic bravery matter more than ever in today’s political arena. By overshadowing this important detail with heated rhetoric surrounding her new gender identity, SJW’s are superficially compressing this bravery into today’s trend of being offended by everything and suppressing freedom of speech in all arenas. This is not acceptable.

We must not undo the damage done by Chelsea Manning’s assault against the most vicious power structures on planet Earth. She left highly visible cracks in the neoliberal fortifications of the West, and we must allow these cracks to grow ever deeper. Read about Chelsea Manning, and study the political principles that defend her bravery. Stop focusing on the surface level — that’s what the West’s power structure (the “patriarchy,” if you will) wants you to do.

#WeGotThis —but only once we have raised the average level of the intellectual discourse surrounding Chelsea Manning’s ideas and virtues.